I have the privilege to receive inspiration from everything just because my brain and  my heart are “created” like this…just because my life path has driven me through this direction….

So, here I am, through to always give you inspiration on how to make your impressions winning & memorable spots; on how to make your place the place to be; on how to get inspired by anything...

My motto: “Always give”

Give an impression…

Give inspiration...

Give back to life….

Did you know...

People make decisions about the people they meet within 6 seconds of meeting?


Ron Askhenas in a relevant Harvard Business Review article mentions that “mini impressions count” and  that “although you never get a second chance to make a first impression, you do get  many chances to              make the next impression”. 


So, it is key for us to know how to turn our moments into award-winning spots! 


My motto:

“Success and power dressing goes hand in hand”

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