Impressive Versace resort 2018!

"Donatella’s aesthetic is two-thirds sexy glamour, one-third youthful, rebellious streak, flavored with rock ’n’ roll vibes, street-culture energy, and a whiff of of-the-moment references. With fashion talk revolving around diversity, free style, and individuality, she offered her personal take on the topic, and L.A., with its many cultural communities, served as a fitting starting place to emphasize her point. Pinstriped power suits looked fit for the downtown Financial District, their tailored construction softened and sexed-up by abundant lace trimmings, bra-tops, and revealing slits on pencil midi skirts. Rock culture was referenced in a series of black studded biker jackets worn with pleated miniskirts, leather patchwork minidresses, or sculpted tuxedo jackets stitched and outlined with thin silver chains", by Vogue

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