"The Smile Project"

* A fund raising organization to contribute fostering educated, confident & respected kids

* 100 % of the proceeds go to the enhancement of equal opportunities for children in need

Who we are

People that love fashion but among all, love people

The idea

We build unique fashion opportunities by selling high street fashion clothes to women who love fashion and want to live the experience of wearing branded clothes without spending a fortune & for a good cause!

Sonia's D. closet donation 

Selected pieces from my personal wardrobe are donated for sales to 

"Smile Project"



Bring real and lasting change to children: help them get educated;

develop self-reliance and civic-mindedness.

Through a number of different programs in the spectrum of self awareness and development, but also entertainment and fun we embed the hope and joy of living in their everyday life.

We envision stimulating, inspiring and motivating them to become integral part of the society.

You can become a contributor!

Join our team and become a contributor;  open for us your closet and donate some of your pieces!

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